Visitor Management

Improve compliance, accountability, efficiency with our intelligent access control solutions

Elevate Your Security & Guest Experience

This solution streamlines screening and simplifies check-in experiences while promoting security and satisfaction. Our solution offers:

  • Security Screening
  • Simple and Personalized Check-In
  • Scaled Configuration
  • Guest Video Monitoring
  • Badge Printing

Revolutionize Your Visitor Management with Advanced Screening & Automation

Visitor Management allows your employees to quickly screen guests, streamline operations, and automate processes to enhance security. Key benefits include:

  • Allowing employees to quickly screen guests against a US sex offender registry
    • Immediately alerts personnel of a confirmed match to deny entry
  • Visitor tool integrates with security camera system to provide increased visibility
  • Simple and automated check-in processes across multiple sites
    • Notify staff when guests arrive
    • Custom branded welcome screen
    • QR code check-in

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