Deliver secure IT assets for the critical initiatives that drive your business success

Aspire Managed Infrastructure Services provide end-to-end management of your IT assets.

Managing your IT assets more efficiently, allowing limited IT resources to focus on key initiatives

In today’s digital world, speed and agility are essential. IT organizations are under constant pressure to optimize resources. To achieve this, IT staffs are increasingly being redirected from routine operational tasks toward business-enabling initiatives.

Aspire Managed Infrastructure Services act as an extension of your team to identify and resolve issues quickly while enabling you to maintain visibility and control. Operating from Aspire’s purpose-built 24×7 Network & Security Operations Center (NSOC), our team of experienced analysts and engineers leverage the latest technologies and tools to ensure the performance and availability of your IT environment. This allows you to shift internal IT resources away from routine maintenance and troubleshooting, freeing them up to focus on more strategic projects.

Aspire Managed Services are powered by VIGILENS, our unique platform combining expertise, proven methodologies, and leading technologies to establish visibility across your entire IT infrastructure.

Aspire Managed Infrastructure Services act as an integrated strategic asset for your organization by providing:

  • Up-to-date asset inventory
  • 24×7 availability and performance monitoring
  • ITIL-based incident management and resolution
  • Problem management
  • Change and configuration management
  • Dedicated client advocate
  • Detailed reporting

Aspire Managed Infrastructure Services are available in three tiered offerings:

Infrastructure Monitoring

This foundation level service provides continuous availability and performance monitoring of your critical business assets. If an incident is detected or a threshold is exceeded, the Aspire NSOC will identify the impacted device or source of trouble and notify the client to expedite resolution. This service includes the VIGILENS appliance, 24×7 availability and performance monitoring, notification, and NSOC support.

Infrastructure Response

Building upon Infrastructure Monitoring, the Infrastructure Response service adds ITIL-based incident management, resolution, and problem management. If an incident is detected, a trained Aspire engineer will identify, troubleshoot, and work with your team to restore normal operations. Trend analysis, health checks, and platform tuning are performed to identify and resolve problems before events or incidents can occur. Additionally, a dedicated Client Advocate is assigned to guide the onboarding process, facilitate service reviews, and be the “voice” of the client to ensure overall satisfaction with service performance.

Managed Infrastructure Operations

Managed Infrastructure Operations is a comprehensive managed services solution combining availability monitoring and incident management with device administration, change, and configuration management. Our team of experienced NSOC engineers will perform moves, adds, changes, configuration backup and archival, and software updates. Aspire becomes an extension of your IT team. We deliver 24×7 availability monitoring and operational maintenance while enabling you to maintain visibility and control of your infrastructure.

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