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School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP)

The School Violence Protection Program (SVPP) is now open! Designed to improve K-12 school security through evidence-based school safety programs and technology. $73 million in funding is available for FY23 SVPP. Each award is three years (36 months) in duration for a maximum federal share of $500,000 per award. SVPP FY23 will close May 17, 2023

Topics we discussed:

  • School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Funding Updates
  • Meraki Solutions for Campus Safety
  • Mass Notification System with Singlewire

Watch the recording below or reach out to us at to learn about the funding program and how Aspire can implement technology solutions for your school safety program.

Aspire Technology Partners Webinar Cyber Insurance in 2023: A New Paradigm

The growing prevalence of ransomware attacks – and increase in insurance claims – has resulted in underwriters putting more scrutiny into due diligence when pricing premiums or offering coverage. By investing in your cyber security controls, you can protect against continuously evolving threats and ensure a more favorable outcome with manageable rates and a preferable level of coverage.

Topics we Discussed:

  • A view of the Cyber Insurance market in 2023 and its impact on your organization
  • Cyber Insurer requirements and avoiding punitive coverage terms
  • Latest security controls and best practices to protect against cyber threats and differentiate risk to cyber insurers

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Empowering K-12 IT Teams Through Simplified and Secured Environments

Through this Webinar, K-12 Administrators will learn to tackle traditional technology pain points and enhance the education experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

Topics we discussed:

  • K-12 IT challenges
  • Overview of Meraki’s Cloud Based Solutions
  • Simplicity and solutions with Meraki for Administrators
  • Secure, Next Generation Wi-Fi ensuring seamless connectivity for everyone at school
  • Keep students and faculty safe with intelligent and powerful advanced video analytics
  • Sensors for district wide safety and monitoring

2023: A Roadmap for Secure Access in a Hybrid World

We use Cloud-based applications to run more of our business needs every week. Our remote and mobile users require a different level of support. The ever-evolving infrastructure poses new challenges to securing and managing the ever-expanding attack surface.

Securing the Edge

Watch and listen as our Aspire Experts examine the latest advancements in secure access protection and next-generation network security capabilities. Our team will offer guidance and best practices for leveraging a SASE approach to protect your organization and the growing trend toward Managed Detection & Response (MDR) to identify and contain threats before they do harm to your business.

5-Key Topics covered in this online seminar:

  • Why SASE is a key cybersecurity architecture
  • Understand the importance of creating a secure environment for your enterprise
  • Using Zero trust to provide limited yet appropriate access to users
  • The benefits of using Multifactor Authentication in securing your enterprise
  • The critical role of Managed Detection and Response in protecting your attack surface


  • Doug Stevens, VP  Managed Services
  • Michael O’Connell, Security Solutions Architect

Find out what’s new with E-rate for School Year 2022-23

Some things have changed with the E-Rate program for the School Year 2022-2023 and a few coming for SY 2023-2024!

Listen as our panel of experts discusses:

  • Overview of the application process
  • The E-rate Eligible Services List
  • Eligibility Categories
  • Category Two budget calculations
  • Alternative sources of funding and grants

Our panel is hosted by:

  • Ryan Kastner, Account Executive – Aspire Technology Partners


  • Vince Siragusa, Public Funding Team Cisco Edu & Gov – Cisco
  • Geoff Sweeney, Chief Legal Officer -E-rate Consulting

E-rate for the 2022-2023 School Year

Watch as experts from Aspire Technology Partners, Cisco and E-rate Consulting review E-rate funding for the new school year:

  • What is E-rate?
  • Review of timelines and application process
  • What can be provided to districts?
  • Changes in E-rate funding
  • Examples of real-world use cases
  • Discussion of grants and other funding sources

Our panelists:

  • Ryan Kaster,  Aspire Technology Partners – Account Executive
  • Caralee Murphy, Cisco – Business Development Manger , Public Funding
  • Geoff Sweeny, Erate Consulting – Chief Legal Officer

Evolution of the Workplace

A Discussion on the Future of Work

The office your employees left behind is different than the one they will see when returning to the workplace. Watch as our panelists discuss the evolution of yesterday’s office to the workplace of today and the direction for the future ahead.


  • Ryan Altschul – Associate Principle – Cerami
  • Rodney Burden – Director, Workforce Technology – Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Jill Porubovic – Founder/CEO – Porubovic Consulting


  • Joseph Latessa – Senior Account Manager – Aspire Technology Partners

Secure your Remote Workforce

View a discussion with Aspire Technology Partners as we review:

  • Best Practices for Data Security and Protection
    • Fundamentals of Security
    • Data Management and Protection
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • The Power of Managed Detection & Response (MDR)