2023: A Roadmap for Secure Access in a Hybrid World

We use Cloud-based applications to run more of our business needs every week. Our remote and mobile users require a different level of support. The ever-evolving infrastructure poses new challenges to securing and managing the ever-expanding attack surface.

Securing the Edge

Watch and listen as our Aspire Experts examine the latest advancements in secure access protection and next-generation network security capabilities. Our team will offer guidance and best practices for leveraging a SASE approach to protect your organization and the growing trend toward Managed Detection & Response (MDR) to identify and contain threats before they do harm to your business.

5-Key Topics covered in this online seminar:

  • Why SASE is a key cybersecurity architecture
  • Understand the importance of creating a secure environment for your enterprise
  • Using Zero trust to provide limited yet appropriate access to users
  • The benefits of using Multifactor Authentication in securing your enterprise
  • The critical role of Managed Detection and Response in protecting your attack surface


  • Doug Stevens, VP  Managed Services
  • Michael O’Connell, Security Solutions Architect

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