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Platform Interoperability

Eliminating silos to maximize collaboration across your enterprise

Whether by merger, acquisition, or business units operating autonomously, many companies today find themselves having invested significant resources in multiple disparate communications platforms. Segments within the enterprise may prefer one solution for voice calling and web conferencing, but another for video calls and messaging. Silos of functionality can frustrate users and adversely affect productivity. IT leaders are now challenged to deliver services that provide employees with an integrated experience. In doing so, they must choose the best path forward and create the ability for multiple platforms to work together to maximize collaboration across the enterprise.

Aspire specializes in working with organizations to establish a collaboration roadmap based on user experience and your strategic vision.

Collaboration Roadmap Infographic 1

Our experts take a knowledgeable approach to understand your enterprise collaboration strategy, identify overlapping functionality, and develop a roadmap for interoperability and service delivery.

  • Leverage the best-of-breed strengths of each platform
  • Take advantage of existing investments
  • Address service delivery requirements
  • Deliver interoperability
  • Support the environment beyond integration

Collaboration Roadmap Infographic 2

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