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When information technology initiatives align with the strategic goals of an academic institution, the impact can be transformative. Integrating the right technologies can empower faculty to enhance students’ learning experience, create a competitive advantage, and allow administrators to be more efficient in their mission.

Union College is Light Years Ahead

Union College in New Jersey is the first of New Jersey’s associate degree colleges, with about 10,000 students. As an Aspen Prize semi-finalist, they are named in the top 25 community college across the country.

Like all higher education institutions, the pandemic affected teaching and learning for teachers and students at Union College. The sudden shift to remote and hybrid learning became a considerable challenge for the school

Aspire used unconventional thinking in AV design to work within the budget constraints for the college. The solution enabled teachers to implement learning modules and teach in a traditional setting while remaining remote, an approach that is vastly more effective than them only on a laptop web camera.

Here’s their story:

Babson College Transitions 650 Courses to Wholly Digital Experiences

On this 7th episode of Cisco’s CIO Insights, Babson CIO Phillip Knutel explains how the college was able to transition 650 courses online.

Aspire works with colleges like Babson to create innovative and impactful solutions that transition place-bound, time-bound classes to secure and seamless virtual instruction accessibility while fostering a culture of technology that enables educational growth.

Bay State College Leverages Cloud-Managed SDWAN to Provide Contact Tracing for Safe Return to Campus

Bay State College strategized a safe return to the school campus. College CIO Jeffrey E. Myers, together with his IT Team, wanted to adopt a layered approach that could offer multiple solutions, including contact tracing, which health departments consider one of the most important efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Also, the college knew it could benefit from an upgrade to its wireless networking capabilities

Myers, with the support of his IT Team, came up with a unique and novel concept to provide unobtrusive, contactless contact tracing via a campus-wide Wi-Fi network. More specifically, they used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wi-Fi radios to scan for and locate devices transmitting BLE beacons.

The college partnered with Aspire Technology Partners as a trusted partner and leader in Cisco Meraki solutions to leverage Cisco Meraki’s unparalleled wireless networking capabilities to support a safe and healthy return to workplaces and learning spaces. Watch the full story to learn more.

Leveraging technology to address key initiatives in Education

Aspire works closely with educators and institutions to deliver solutions ranging from immersive video and collaboration, to data analytics, and active learning targeting student success. We also design and implement campus wide wireless networks and integrated security solutions to ensure the safety and security of your students and staff.

Our experienced team of solution architects have helped many institutions realize their goals through technology. We understand the best path toward student and organizational success can vary widely depending on the school, district, college or university. We take time to understand the goals of your organization and foster a culture of technology integration to help solve real-world challenges and support educational growth.

Solutions for Higher Education

Higher education is changing. Students are no longer confined by traditional learning environments. They’re learning from anywhere, on any device, in ways that reimagine what’s possible. Professors, administrators, and researchers are innovating faster than ever. Aspire has years of experience and expertise to transform your campus and bring your institution’s vision to life.

Aspire works with colleges and universities to build solutions that:

  • Digitally transform learning environments for greater student success.

  • Optimize facilities in lighting, energy, parking, and waste disposal to create a sustainable campus.

  • Create workspace efficiencies to help staff, faculty, and the community work effectively in the existing LMS.

  • Foster a safe and secure physical and virtual campus environment.


Solutions for K-12

Aspire supports the primary mission of our schools – to give every student the opportunity to achieve success.

We deliver forward-thinking technology solutions that lay the framework for optimized facilities, empowered educators, informed administrators, and innovative student learning environments. We build next-generation networks to support digital learning initiatives and improve security for a safer and more productive environment for students and faculty. Regardless of the size of your school or district, we can help tailor IT solutions to support and enable your students’ success.

Protecting students, teachers, and staff are a top priority for every school. Watch how Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) helps protect our community by providing first responders with the necessary information needed to pinpoint the ‘dispatchable location and quickly reach the caller. CER reduces the response time to threatening situations or any circumstance that puts the school community in harm’s way


While schools continue to invest in protection against physical security risks and natural disasters, there just hasn’t been the same type of proactive commitment to cybersecurity – and it shows. With a historical lack of cybersecurity infrastructure and awareness training, education will continue to be one of the most targeted industries by cybercriminals – and you’ve got to do something about it. See how Aspire can help you keep our schools safe.

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E-rate funding is a critical asset for many schools looking to modernize their network infrastructure, deploy dependable Wi-Fi, and lay the groundwork for students’ success.

Aspire possesses extensive experience helping schools maximize E-rate dollars to overcome budget or funding shortfalls, and provide students with the connectivity and technology they require to achieve their academic mission.

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