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Managing Your Data Today for Business Value Tomorrow

Aspire Technology Partners collaborates with Cohesity’s Joshua Haley, Field Technical Director, to share his insights on Data Management and Protection. It was not long ago, data represented a cost to your organization – one that you answered by purchasing additional storage and compute hardware. Most of that data began and lived its life in your […]

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The IoT of Utilities, Smart Cities, and Roadways

Written by Carter Yepsen, Director, Business Development for IoT at Aspire Technology Partner IoT for utilities, Smart Cities, and roadways holds great promise for older northeastern U.S. cities with aging infrastructure. For many practical reasons, these cities, including Boston, Providence, Hartford, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., were built largely along waterways. They form […]

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Mitigate Network Design Difficulties with DMVPN

Abstract/Introduction Many variables exist whenever an engineer, or engineers, architects a network enterprise. Over time, the variables magnify as the needs of the enterprise change. Engineers must consider key components, such as available subnet space, addressed optimized routing (either static or dynamic), enterprise expansion, and security, as the enterprise, and the technology, holistically evolves and […]

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How to Solve No Boolean Tracking Support on Cisco ASA

Introduction Customers find themselves in situations that require an Internet backup link without the use of BGP or other routing protocols. Sometimes, BGP is not available as a service, or it is too expensive for the branch office in question. Therefore, and alternatively, some network engineers implement Cisco’s IP Service Level Agreement (IP SLA) as […]

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Cisco Business Collaboration Solutions Can Improve the Virtual Retail Banking Experience

Problem Statement Financial institutions are looking for ways to improve customer experience that will impact their success rates converting large opportunities. It is often challenging for banks to staff local experts in all their retail branches, causing customers to reschedule appointments and often resulting in missed opportunities that can put investments at risk. Financial institutions […]

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Enterprise Wireless: Wi-Fi 5 & 6 Selection and Implementation

Problem Statement Wireless technology is rapidly evolving, along with the requirements for enterprises that require upgrades to either an existing or a new architecture. The challenge for any upgrade to your wireless environment is determining your organization’s needs and desires, including legacy hardware and software requirements which may have caveats of their own. Background In […]

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Use Case for L2TPv3

Problem Statement Maintaining access to all IT systems during a data center migration poses a technical limitation: duplicate IP subnets cannot exist in two geographically-disperse locations simultaneously. It is possible, however, to implement a Layer 2 link via Ethernet to connect the old and new locations, allowing virtual local area networks (VLANs) and IP subnets […]

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How to Fix Your Students’ Broken Hybrid Learning Model Right Now

There is a simple solution that works with existing equipment without breaking the bank for your school district. By Greg Klausa, Aspire’s VP for Digital Architectures, Aspire Technology Partners As schoolteachers and administrators, you know there is nothing “normal” about how our kids are going to school right now. If you’re also a parent of […]

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Employing a Cross-Architecture Solutions Approach to Achieve Your Business and Technology Goals

By Greg Klausa, Chief Architect & VP Digital Architectures at Aspire Technology Partners CIOs and line of business executives often discuss employing “best practices” for their digital transformation initiatives. This means using a series of recognized methods to achieve a repeatable objective. Best practices are often developed into case studies or use cases for reference […]

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Making Safe Space Solutions Work in the Real World

Written by Carter Yepsen, Aspire Director of Business Development for IoT Abstract/Introduction As states and cities move towards reopening during the pandemic, the need for systems integration solutions to keep workplace environments safe becomes more and more important. Problem Statement Employees, visitors, patients, and customers all should feel comfortable when they come on-site to your […]

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2500Making Safe Space Solutions Work in the Real World Featured Image Aspire Acts Quickly to Bolster School District’s Defense Against Ransomware and Other Cyber Security Threats

The client is the fourth largest public school district in New Jersey, serving students in pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district is comprised of[...]

3197Making Safe Space Solutions Work in the Real World Featured Image Aspire Technology Partners Named to 2020 CRN Fast Growth 150 List

Aspire Technology Partners announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company has named Aspire to the 2020 CRN[...]

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