Physical Surveillance Surveys

Optimize cameras, access control & network for maximum security

Identify & Strengthen Your Surveillance

Fortify your perimeter, protect your assets, and achieve true peace of mind with optimized surveillance.  You’ll gain insight into:

  • Proper Placement of Cameras within the environment
    • Analysis of blind spots
  • Doors that need to be secured and Alarmed
    • Secure access points for authorized personnel and visitors
  • Analysis of network readiness
  • Areas that need IoT Sensors coverage

How a Physical Surveillance Survey Helps Boost Your Security

Physical Security and Acccess Control surveys are valuable tools for assessing the effectiveness of an organizations security measures and help identify areas that need improvement. Key benefits include:

  • Ensuring cameras are properly placed within the environment to ensure that there are no blind spots
  • Validating that there are enough available switchports and PoE to support a new and or additional cameras/access control nodes
  • Verifying how many doors need to be secured and where door controllers need to be placed
  • Finding the best possible locations for IoT Sensors

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