Rutgers Utilizes Immersive Video To Enhance Education.

Pictured to the left is Robert Barchi, President of Rutgers University, touring the immersive synchronous lecture classroom that will connect the Busch and Cook/Douglass campuses. This is part of the University’s coordinated efforts to improve the educational experience by reducing course-related student travel, keeping students on or close to their “home” campuses and moving ideas—professors […]

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From a Humble Start to State-of-the-Art: Our New Headquarters

As we celebrate the opening of our new corporate headquarters and embark on a new chapter in Aspire’s history, we take a look back at the early days, our modest beginnings, and the origins of Aspire’s unique culture. Aspire Technology Partners began in an ordinary, window-less office in Red Bank, New Jersey. The space quickly grew […]

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Don’t Let Security be an Afterthought in Digital Transformation

Companies are doubling down on the bet that digital transformation will be the key to surviving and thriving in a connected global economy. The number of enterprises with advanced digital transformation initiatives will more than double – to 50% – by the year 2020. But one crucial aspect of this trend is being left behind: […]

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Putting Digital Transformation to Work

The digital world is changing: for many organizations, it changes faster than they keep pace with. We’ve entered the era of the customer, the next business “normal”, where technologies such as mobile computing, analytics, cloud, big data, social media, and Internet of Things (IoT), are placing a focus squarely on customer experience. It’s an era […]

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A Common Flawed Approach to Vulnerability Management

We do a lot of vulnerability assessment work against infrastructure and applications for our customers. We review the final report and recommend corrective actions once we’ve finished the work. The customer, in a lot of cases, feels overwhelmed by the number of “red lights” they see. Many choose to fix the “low-hanging fruit” or only […]

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We need a penetration test.

I am fortunate to have customers that ask us to conduct penetration testing for them. I enjoy the work and look forward to it. But there are a few questions that I need to ask before providing a Scope of Work and cost for a penetration test. Here are a few. Do you have a […]

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What if you knew you would be hit with ransomware in 30 days?

The story, at this point, is getting kind of old. More importantly, the advice on how to protect your organization is even older. I did some “masterful” searching on the web for some older virus variants that I remember responding to, sadly over ten years ago, and found some interesting advice from the folks at […]

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Understanding the ‘Hype’ in Hyperconvergence

Everywhere you turn, whether on Twitter or tech news sites, you see articles that extol the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). We’ve seen HCI adoption increase and become much more widely deployed since its inception. Why is that? What is All the Hype Around HCI? Organizations always look for ways to reduce their time to […]

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Sometimes I Can’t Tell Where You End and I begin: Security

Cloud computing provides a flexible method to rapidly deploy new applications and services to your organization. There are certainly operational advantages to utilizing cloud computing within the portfolio of services in the enterprise. From a security perspective, the challenges are determined by the service model that you choose to deploy. Security controls, and the assurance […]

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Innovation is the new “I” in ROI

Refocus on cycle time and the delivery experience Return on Investment (ROI) is the archaic model of value IT buying centers have relied on for what feels like a century. If you still use this as a primary decision-making criteria in IT, it’s time to consider new methods – which as it turns out are […]

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1614Innovation is the new “I” in ROI Featured Image Cisco Workload Optimization Manager & Elastic Infrastructure: Making Complex Decisions at Scale

In today’s world, we see digital technologies driving growth, opening new markets, and creating mind-blowing customer experiences. New businesses are[...]

Innovation is the new “I” in ROI Featured Image Innovation is the new “I” in ROI

Refocus on cycle time and the delivery experience Return on Investment (ROI) is the archaic model of value IT buying[...]

2490Innovation is the new “I” in ROI Featured Image Aspire Accelerates Hybrid-Cloud Transition for Global Pharmaceutical

With 17,000 employees in over 100 countries, this global pharmaceutical company is committed to working with physicians, healthcare providers and[...]

452Innovation is the new “I” in ROI Featured Image Aspire Technology Partners Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

Aspire Technology Partners, a technology solution provider specializing in powering business transformation, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The[...]

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