Deliver Better Outcomes to Secure your Endpoints

Aspire Security Update: Better Outcomes to Secure your Endpoints

Attacks on corporate endpoints are a common and frequently used entry point for attackers to move laterally to other valuable network assets. The increasing complexity of the threat landscape means you can no longer depend on next-gen antivirus to protect against sophisticated attacks.

The dangers of ransomware and other threats to organizations drive new innovations

Cisco Secure Endpoint stops ransomware and other threats with a cloud-native, single-agent endpoint security solution. Orbital Advanced Search is a new advanced capability designed to make security investigation and threat hunting simple.

View an Orbital Demo.

  • See how Orbital can identify servers and other entities that may be affected by the recent Log4j vulnerability.
  • Learn more about how you can protect your organization from breaches and advanced threats with the Secure Endpoint and Orbital.

Featured Speaker:

Michael O’Connell, Security Solutions Architect, Aspire Technology Partners

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