Aspire Response to COVID-19 - An Update from Aspire President & CEO, John C. Harris

Physical Security

Keeping your environment safe and secure

Effectively maintaining the safety and security of an enterprise or school campus requires expertise to integrate technology solutions like video surveillance, door access, communication systems, and more. We work closely with organizations across verticals to assess, design, install and support the unique needs of their specific environment.

Aspire offers comprehensive physical security systems for businesses, K-12, higher education, and government agencies. Leveraging an ecosystem of partners, we can customize a system that integrates all components necessary to keep facilities safe and secure. This includes:

  • Video surveillance including IP-enabled cameras, data storage, and management systems
  • IP-based door and entry control with visitor management to authorize access on an individual basis
  • Alerting and notification systems to quickly communicate with employees, students, and parents in an emergency

Our experienced team can help design and integrate the right solution to secure your facilities, and keep visitors, employees, and students safe.

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