Aspire Technology Partners Introduces Aspire SANE for Hybrid Learning

Aspire introduces School as Normal Experience (SANE) Learning, a simple, safe, and affordable solution for in-classroom and hybrid learning for K-12 & Higher-Ed

Eatontown, NJ, October 20, 2020–For parents of school-age children, there is nothing “normal” about how our children are going to school right now. They are not receiving a consistent in-classroom and remote-learning experience, and it is affecting their education and their future. Today, Aspire Technology Partners announced Aspire SANE: a simple, safe, and cost-effective solution for schools to provide hybrid and remote learning. The local technology solutions and services provider has worked with school districts across New Jersey and New York to address learning and teaching challenges experienced by students, teachers, and parents. Aspire has developed a simple easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that involves minimal requirements. For more information, parents, school teachers, and district administrators are encouraged to visit

Parents, especially those with K-12 students, have expressed concerns that their children, who have been remote learning for many months now, are not receiving the same quality education as in a classroom setting. “My son, who is in fifth grade, is very attentive during the first few minutes of class, but he becomes distracted and uninterested the rest of the time,” according to one mom of three. “At the same time, my daughter in third grade is not getting enough attention and is now delayed in her lessons,” she added.

The return to school in a hybrid mode brought some sense of normalcy to teaching and learning, but, because of the rising infections, many schools have been forced to close again for a number of weeks, bringing the teachers and students back to 100% remote learning.

To address these issues, Aspire introduced the School As Normal Experience (SANE) Learning. Greg Klausa, Aspire’s VP for Digital Architectures, describes SANE Learning as a solution that “provides classroom teachers and their students with an adapted classroom, similar to the way many businesses have set up their video conference rooms.” At one end of the room is a large monitor and below it is a special camera with a wide field of view that sees the entire classroom.

This system connects via the cloud – just like everything else today – to the system most schools already have in place, whether it’s Zoom, Google Hangouts, or the more secure Cisco Webex. In hybrid scenarios, remote-learning students connect just like they do today, but now they can see the whole classroom, and in-classroom students can see the remote students as well. Additionally, the teacher can now see and teach everyone all at once, as if every student is in the classroom. The teacher can share materials with everyone on the screen or by connecting a smart whiteboard to the system. The result is a better, more natural education model, with happier, more engaged, and participative students, as well as less burned-out teachers, and less stressed-out parents.

Schools can use the SANE Learning approach even when students change classrooms, like in the middle and high schools. The system can automatically switch the remote students and place them into the new classroom where they can join their in-classroom peers.

Aspire has implemented the SANE Learning Approach in several school districts and universities and parents are seeing a huge difference for their students.

What can you do?

Now that it looks like hybrid learning is here to stay, at least for an extended time, here are a few ways that you can do to help your school provide your students and their teachers with a more natural and productive teaching experience – a SANE Learning environment!

About Aspire

Aspire is a professional technology services firm specializing in the delivery of digital infrastructure solutions and managed services designed specifically to achieve our clients’ business goals. We believe technology sits at the heart of every enterprise strategy. Our team takes time to understand your business initiatives and align technology solutions to drive the organization forward. Aspire’s outcome-driven approach accelerates your journey by combining secure digital infrastructure, world-class design and implementation expertise, and managed services – all centered around transforming today’s multi-cloud architectures into enablers of business value. Headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey, Aspire is focused on serving the tri-state, mid-Atlantic, and New England regions with local operations in Mount Laurel, NJ; Albany and White Plains, NY; and Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit


Pamela Adriano
Director of Marketing, Aspire Technology Partners

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