Aspire Technology Partners Achieves Cisco IoT Advantage

Eatontown, NJ, July 6, 2020 -  

Aspire Technology Partners announced its completion of the Cisco IoT Partner Certification. This certification allows Aspire to accelerate its Internet of Things practice by focusing on proven use cases with ROIs to address customer needs. The IoT partner training process included instruction about how tools and technology, including industrial cybersecurity and edge compute, can help the Aspire IoT team deliver these services.

The Internet of Things is a primary enabler of business transformation in the digital era. IoT facilitates the creation and monetization of new business models and services, such as Connected Roadways to enhance safety for staff and the public, and air-quality sensors to support environmental health and efforts to reduce pollution. Additionally, IoT increases productivity, fosters innovation, and delivers exceptional user experiences as well.

Carter Yepsen, as Aspire IoT practice leader, defines Aspire’s IoT strategy for developing business in the areas of Smart and Connected Cities, Connected Roadways, and Connected Spaces. Before he joined Aspire, Carter played an integral role in the emerging Cisco Internet of Things portfolio. Later, he led Smart City and Connected Lighting sales involving Cisco Systems network technology.

The Aspire IoT practice focuses on four areas of IoT: Smart Spaces; Smarter Cities; Safe and Secure Campuses; Connected Roadways. Aspire IoT solutions help organizations and communities improve a variety of areas—from engagement to public health, environmental responsibility, and infrastructure and sustainability by using data from connected devices to make informed business decisions.

The Aspire IoT Demonstration Center

The Aspire IoT Demonstration Center, located at 35 James Way in Eatontown, NJ, and at the Capital South Campus Center in Albany, NY, offers product demonstrations and training. The IoT Demonstration Center showcases the integration of technologies designed to transform quality of life, services, safety, and efficiency for education institutions, municipalities, connected roadways, and smart buildings.

About Aspire Technology Partners

Aspire is a professional technology services firm specializing in the delivery of digital infrastructure solutions and managed services designed specifically to achieve our clients’ business goals. We believe technology sits at the heart of every enterprise strategy. Our team takes time to understand your business initiatives and align technology solutions to drive the organization forward. Aspire’s outcome-driven approach accelerates your journey by combining secure digital infrastructure, world-class design, and implementation expertise, and managed services – all centered around transforming today’s multi-cloud architectures into enablers of business value. Headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey, Aspire is focused on serving the tri-state, mid-Atlantic, and New England regions with local operations in Mount Laurel, NJ; Conshohocken, PA; Albany and White Plains, NY; and Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit

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