Aspire Renews Cisco IoT Authorization

Eatontown, NJ, March 25, 2020 -  

Aspire Technology Partners, a professional technology solutions and services company specializing in the delivery of digital infrastructure solutions and managed services, announced that it has officially been renewed as Cisco IoT Authorization Partner in the USA.

This renewal allows Aspire to continue to deliver and implement simple, secure, scalable, and impactful end-to-end Cisco IoT solutions, based on architectures and open standards that integrate with third-party and legacy equipment, to customers. Aspire successfully completed the required training and examinations to renew this designation.

The Internet of Things empowers digital business transformation. IoT solutions help organizations create and monetize new business models and services, foster innovation, increase productivity, and improve customer experience and engagement through better insights.

The Aspire IoT practice focuses on Smart Spaces, Smarter Cities, Safe and Secure Campuses, and Connected Roadways to enable organizations to improve their communities by using data from connected devices to make informed business decisions and achieve desired business outcomes.

The Aspire IoT Demonstration Center

The Aspire IoT Demonstration Center, located at 35 James Way, Eatontown, NJ, focuses on the Internet of Outdoor Things. Each IoT solution is designed with Cisco Digital Network Architecture. The IoT Demonstration Center showcases Cisco validated designs, including:

The Aspire IoT Demonstration Center, located at 20 Warren Street, Albany, NY, in partnership with Capital Region BOCES, offers educational, informational and hands-on demonstrations for showcasing infrastructure technology that aids in areas such as Smart Cities, Connected Vehicles & Roadway Safety, Smart & Secure Campuses, Utilities and Energy Efficiency, Smart Buildings, and Cyber Security.

Both centers provide working examples of the latest technologies available for implementing automated, intelligent and highly secure networks and mobility solutions to ensure reliable communications and easy access to key business applications.

About Aspire

Aspire is a professional technology services firm specializing in the delivery of digital infrastructure solutions and managed services designed specifically to achieve our clients’ business goals. We believe technology sits at the heart of every enterprise strategy. Our team takes time to understand your business initiatives and align technology solutions to drive the organization forward. Aspire’s outcome-driven approach accelerates your journey by combining secure digital infrastructure, world-class design and implementation expertise, and managed services – all centered around transforming today’s multi-cloud architectures into enablers of business value. Headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey, Aspire is focused on serving the tri-state, mid-Atlantic, and New England regions with local operations in Mount Laurel, NJ; Conshohocken, PA; Albany and White Plains, NY; and Cambridge, MA.

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