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What if you could implement a modern, scalable, and simplified solution?

Traditional deployments can be ‘do-it-yourself’ data centers that have a mix of products from different manufacturers built up over time. They may include compute, storage, and network components. The result is a complex infrastructure that challenges your staff to keep up with a diverse set of vendors, test and validation tools and application updates. The lack of standardization ends up in spiraling costs and frayed nerves. It’s a nightmare for your IT staff, juggling products, training, and proficiency across the various platforms.

FlexPod delivers a modern, converged, scalable and flexible platform that grows as you grow

Introducing the next-generation converged infrastructure from NetApp and Cisco delivers simplified deployment that accelerates your data center modernization and hybrid-cloud deployment. You can add new servers or storage while achieving scalability in minutes, not days. FlexPod enables cloud connectivity, acting as the foundation with support for containers such as OpenShift and Cisco Container Platform. It makes it easy to adopt and provides portability for hybrid cloud. And best of all, it reduces costs by using the latest, all-flash storage arrays and boosts performance with 10x faster storage and 5x faster server performance. It’s a win-win solution.

Hybrid Cloud Services, Visibility, Turkey Automation

Modernize your data center using FlexPod Converged Infrastructure for Modern Workloads to improve your performance, agility, and value with validated design support from a single source. The hybrid cloud landscape evolves daily with changing infrastructure demands. Discover a new level of hybrid cloud connectivity, visibility, and automation with flexible consumption options. You need FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco. FlexPod is trusted by 9,500+ companies worldwide

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