4 Takeaways From Cisco Live

Chuck Robbins delivers his 2018 Cisco Live Keynote in Orlando, FL


Innovation continued to shine during Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins’s keynote address in front of hundreds of partners and customers at this year’s Cisco Live conference in Orlando, FL. His ninety minute address covered a number of pertinent industry topics and concentrated on the progress and accomplishments made in Intent-based networking over the past year, the chaos and wonder of a hyper-connected world, and the importance of foundational security and modern security architecture, plus much more.

We’ve gathered four key takeaways from Chuck’s keynote.

Catalyst 9K Makes History

Cisco introduced DNA Center and the Catalyst 9000 Family of Switches at last year’s Cisco Live. “The receptivity and the adoption of this architecture has just blown us away,” Chuck Robbins said during Monday’s keynote. “At the end of last quarter, the Catalyst 9000 had been purchased by 5800 customers…think about the storied history of products Cisco has brought to market and then understand that the Catalyst 9000 is the fastest ramping product in the history of Cisco.”

Open APIs for Network Programmability and Development

Programmability is an integral part of Iintent-based networking. Now, partners will have the ability to create their own unique IP on top of Cisco platforms. Developers can, via DNA Center, program the network as a single system through intent-based APIs. That means developers can create a new generation of network-aware applications. Partners can integrate the network into business processes and build incremental intellectual property into the solutions they deliver to customers.

Security in the Data Center

Chuck Robbins termed Cisco’s development of a “secure, intelligent platform for enterprises that will improve and integrate data center and cloud security” as “the network’s next act.” Companies must shift to a foundational approach to security, particularly a single security architecture based on robust threat intelligence that gets processed quickly.

Think About Building Your Networks Differently

“Why should all of your traffic flow through your private data center first if 80% of it will land somewhere else?” Chuck Robbins said. “Our teams are working hard on technologies that will allow you to deal with that dynamic more cost-effectively, more securely, and with very consistent policy in the future.”

Chuck Robbins concluded his keynote with an overview of current projects, Cisco’s focus on technology’s place in solving environmental challenges, and then he hinted at what’s ahead for the leader in networking.

“Your Network is Our Life’s Work.”

You can watch the full keynote address here:


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