The Benefits of Proactive Lifecycle Contract Management

Unsung heroes are made every day. We don’t hear about most of them. If we did, they wouldn’t be unsung. An unsung hero could be anyone. They perform significant acts that make the lives of others better, but we don’t know them nor do we think about them.

There’s Maurice Hilleman, to name one. He helped create over 40 vaccines, including measles mumps, chickenpox, pneumonia, hepatitis A & B, and many more. There’s also Alice Catherine Evans. She championed the pasteurization of milk. Her work and findings eventually saved countless lives from suffering and death.

At Aspire, many of our clients think of our Lifecycle Services team as the unsung heroes of our Managed Services powered by VIGILENS. Managing vendor maintenance contracts is a key part of business that is often overlooked. It drains IT departments of valuable time and resources that are better served focusing on Digital initiatives and other critical projects.

Companies struggle with contract management because the task can be confusing and overwhelming. Contract management requires proper oversight. Without it, you run the risk of service disruption, downtime and potential for lost revenue.

Organized and attentive contract management, though, can save you money, time, headaches, and can help you mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and achieve a proactive approach that will enable you to take advantage of revenue opportunities, reduce your costs, and maximize the productivity of internal resources.

Aspire Lifecycle Services  ensure that your technologies are protected and current, and they work to eliminate unnecessary costs and surprises for you. The key benefits to the service includes:

  • maintaining central contract summaries,
  • providing end-of-life and refresh options
  • co-terming end dates and consolidating maintenance agreements
  • conducting quarterly business reviews to update existing contracts and add new purchases
  • correlating data for all of your install base and proactively alerting as devices reach, or near end-of-life.
  • keeping you informed of changes, trends, programs and new solutions to ensure you always maximize your return on investment

Every business strives to achieve greater efficiency. IT leadership would love to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. That’s the ideal for all companies. With Aspire Lifecycle Services, you have a team on the backend that takes care of and manages your maintenance contracts for you. They also provide educate on ways to maximize investments and bring to bear a range of strategic benefits, such as faster problem resolution to reduce downtime, improved service levels, and  improved clarity of your IT operations. By offloading these tasks, companies benefit from the re-allocation for staff and resources to more strategic initiatives. This enables better planning, more effective governance, and tangible, measurable results.

In today’s world the success of IT is often measured by its ability to leverage Digital to impact customers in a positive way, increase speed to market, and drive new revenue. Lifecycle services can be the unsung hero that frees up resources to help you reach your goals and deliver meaningful business outcomes.

Why Should You Aspire?

Aspire has been named to CRN’s MSP Elite 150 and hold a Master certification in Cisco’s Cloud and Managed Services Partner (CMSP) program. We’re among only a handful of IT consulting firms to meet these criteria in the New York tri-state and Mid-Atlantic regions.

To learn more about our Managed Lifecycle Services, as well as the other services in our VIGILENS suite, please reach out to us today at https://www.aspiretransforms.com/contact-us/ . Or contact me directly @dave_brill. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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