Are You A Cut Above?

Do you believe that the “Survival of the Fittest” applies to today’s business reality?

If “Yes”, then how “fit” are you?

How “fit” is your company, organization, department? How sound is your infrastructure?

How safe is your network? Your data?

How well are you collaborating with your peers, your teams, and your clients?

Are you even able to manage it all?

How are you monitoring your systems?

What intel are you capturing from your network?

Consider: the Top CIOs in the U.S. zero in on projects that benefit and engage the end user.

  • 79% of high-performing CIOs say they are actively building technology platforms to engage with customers.
  • 66% say their IT department is focused on delivering a seamless customer experience.
  • 62% say gathering and analyzing customer data are priorities for the IT organization.
  • 50% of high-performing CIOs in the U.S. say managing cybersecurity risks will be a top technology priority for the next 12 months; 27% of CIOs at other global companies say the same.
  • 69% of high-performing CIOs say they focus on driving operational performance.
  • 60% of high-performing CIOs say they focus on expanding into new markets, segments and geographies.
  • 21% of high-performing CIOs say they focus on reducing operational and/or product costs.

The answers you get depend on the questions you ask and, in such instance, to whom you ask them…

Aspire has been preparing and is ready to answer such questions for you…

Source:  What CIOs in High-Performing Companies Do Differently, Deloitte, 2016.  Methodology:  High-performing organizations defined as U.S. survey respondents that beat the S&P 500 Index by 10 percent or more, for the past three years.

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