Understanding the ‘Hype’ in Hyperconvergence

Understanding the ‘Hype’ in Hyperconvergence Featured Image

Understanding the ‘Hype’ in Hyperconvergence

Everywhere you turn, whether on Twitter or tech news sites, you see articles that extol the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). We’ve seen HCI adoption increase and become much more widely deployed since its inception. Why is that? What is All the Hype Around HCI? Organizations always look for ways to reduce their time to […]

Sometimes I Can’t Tell Where You End and I begin: Security Featured Image

Sometimes I Can’t Tell Where You End and I begin: Security

Cloud computing provides a flexible method to rapidly deploy new applications and services to your organization. There are certainly operational advantages to utilizing cloud computing within the portfolio of services in the enterprise. From a security perspective, the challenges are determined by the service model that you choose to deploy. Security controls, and the assurance […]

Innovation is the new “I” in ROI Featured Image

Innovation is the new “I” in ROI

Refocus on cycle time and the delivery experience Return on Investment (ROI) is the archaic model of value IT buying centers have relied on for what feels like a century. If you still use this as a primary decision-making criteria in IT, it’s time to consider new methods – which as it turns out are […]